My Happy Clients

After previous experience with PTs, Hanna is the most professional yet friendly PT around. She consistently motivates me to do well and I have never felt more strong and empowered than when I’m in her gym! Hanna is completely transparent and not at all egotistical which ultimately makes you feel safe in her hands: I trust that she always has my best interest in mind and has never failed me yet. I’m always excited to continue to grow with her as she not only helps me build but educates me as we go which helps me when I train alone to ensure I’m not injuring myself and also so that I’m aware of what I’m building on in order to reach my goals. She is all you could ever want in a PT and I’m so lucky to have the pleasure of training with her every week!
Grace Madgwick
Hanna is amazing! She is kind, understanding and literally the best trainer I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She is motivational in the best way possible. She will be with you every step of the way, from when you’re flying high hitting personal bests or when you’re feeling low and like you could give up. She knows just what to say to make you feel in control again. She is amazing at giving you you’re power back. Cannot recommend enough.
Raychell Hugill
I’ve been working with Hanna for about 9 months so far and the experience has been great! I had ZERO fitness experience and Hanna was amazing at talking me through all the basics so I understood not only how to do things but also why and the impact it would have on my fitness. Hanna really focuses on all the benefits that training has and encourages me to do the same (rather than just seeing it as a way to loose weight,) which has had a massive positive impact on my mental health. I really look forward to our sessions each week, which is honestly something I never thought I’d say about exercise!!
Lana Ap Rees
Hanna is a brilliant PT always full of energy and generally a lovely person. I have been training with her for 4 months now and have enjoyed every single session. Not only does she push you to get the best results, she helps you change the way you look and feel about your body. Hanna is so knowledgable and writes a plan that suits your individual goals and ability. I would highly recommend.
Leona Evans
Senior Consultant Elite Dynamics UK Ltd
I have had personal training with Hanna for a number of weeks and I have improved on my strength and fitness already. She is super professional but also makes your workout so much fun so you can actually enjoy going. The knowledge she has is amazing and always makes sure you are doing the exercises correctly to avoid injury 🙂 Hanna is honestly the best trainer I’ve had!
Holly-May Hellyer
Beauty Therapist
As an Ex Navy Diver I was looking for a Personal Trainer That would push me hard and really challenge me! I have been Training with Hanna for one month now, it's been the best training experience I've ever had. Hannais so knowledgeable and pushes me beyond where I think I can go with every single exercise! Her determination to get the best out of me every time is so motivating, and her personalised programs she designs for me are perfect. Her mobile App is a great touch with plans for me to do between sessions to push me even harder! Along with all this she's really fun and always so full of energy. I highly recommend her whatever your level of fitness, I look forward to every session!
James Udall
Owner Evolution Personal Training