About me

I spent all of my teenage years battling with my body, trying anything possible to look like the girls that I saw in magazines because that was what I thought was considered “pretty” little did I know they had all been photoshopped. I tried every fad diet going, excessively exercised and massively restricted calories and was left utterly miserable. After many years of dieting the wrong way and a lot of learning I’ve realised that one size does not fit all, we have to listen to our bodies and we do not need to cut out any food groups or embark on the latest celebrity diet to be “beach body ready”

Most diets end in frustration and disappointment, I want to help you become happier and more confident in your body, help you understand the amazing health benefits of exercise, incorporate sustainable healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes to reach your goals.

I will educate you and teach you how to manage your calories and exercise around your lifestyle. With your own personalised training program that’s flexible and progresses as you become fitter and stronger, reaching your goals will seem so manageable and easy.

I know that the idea of going to the gym can be so daunting, tonnes of equipment that you have no idea how to use, loud grunting noises coming from the free weights area and the one thing we all worry about …. everyone staring at you!!! I can take all of those worries away if you come and train with me at my private studio based in Bournemouth, no waiting to use machines, no distractions and no need to be self-conscious. Get in touch for a free consultation.

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