Face to Face Training

When it comes to weight loss, building muscle, gaining strength, or improving your overall fitness it will not happen overnight, transforming your body takes time and patience which is why I will not offer 4 or 6 week transformation packages, for most people it would be like selling you a temporary quick fix and setting you up for failure down the road – I’m sure we can make the number on the scales go down but in most cases it won’t last, it’s not sustainable and could cause more harm than good. I don’t believe in quick fixes so I will not sell you quick fixes.

I recommend working together for a minimum of 12 weeks so I can help teach you why we are including or excluding certain things, working with you to make lifestyle and behaviour changes and more importantly support you along the way, because there will be ups and downs, holidays, parties, illnesses and anything else life throws at us.

We didn’t create bad habits in a couple of weeks so we can’t expect to change them in a couple of weeks either.

I charge £45 per hour for 1 to 1 personal training in a private studio based in Bournemouth. I want to make your goals as accessible as possible so I offer a pay monthly system rather than asking for 12 weeks payment up front, this way you can include your sessions into your monthly budget and not have to worry about saving or finding a lump sum every few months.

I really can’t wait to work with you.

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