Personal Training Terms & Conditions

This document forms a legal agreement between us; the client and the trainer, so please make sure that you read it carefully and fully understand all of the details. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me.

My commitment to you

Confidentiality – All information that you provide will be kept in confidence. Your personal details and medical information will not be made available to third parties unless permission to do so is granted by you.

Recommendations – Using my judgment and experience, I will suggest certain exercises and other lifestyle advice that I believe will help you achieve your personal goals, but if at any time you have specific requests please tell me so I can accommodate them.

Referral – I intend to work with you within the scope of my knowledge, therefore when I believe it is in your best interests to see another health professional, I will refer you appropriately as I cannot prescribe treatment or diagnose any medical conditions.

Should you experience any pain, discomfort, or injury during any of your sessions, please inform your me immediately.

Your responsibilities to me

Disclosure of information – Please disclose all health information as requested at our initial consultation and keep me updated and informed of any changes to your health status. This includes all medical conditions; physical and mental, injuries, allergies, and medication you are taking. I cannot be held liable in any way for undeclared or unknown medical conditions.  If necessary, you may need to seek clearance from your doctor before participation in the exercise programme I recommend.

Honesty, Communication and Commitment  – it is understood that both you and I (client & trainer) must commit to your training programme 100% in order for you to achieve results, if you are struggling or have set backs then be honest and we can tackle it together.

While I can give you the tools and encouragement to reach your goals, ultimately you will need to assume responsibility for making the required changes. I can best help you with this process if you keep me fully informed of any issues that arise for you and if you have any questions or concerns whatsoever please don’t hesitate to voice them with me. 

Session Cancellations

Unforeseen circumstances may arise which require our sessions to be rescheduled. In this event the following policy will apply:

  • If I am forced to cancel our session within 24 hours, I will make up the session at no charge to you.
  • If I am forced to cancel our session giving you more than 24 hours’ notice I will reschedule as soon as possible.
  • If you cancel your session with 48 hours’ notice you will be required to pay £10, This charge is to cover any fees I incur and will be on top of your session payment. Your session will then be rescheduled, no more sessions can be arranged until this payment is made.
  • If you cancel your session with less than 24 hours’ notice or fail to show there will be no refund.

Late Arrivals

  • If I am more than 15 minutes late for your session, you will receive one free hour of Personal Training, arranged at a mutually convenient time.
  • If you’re late for your session, your session length will be reduced accordingly, and you will be charged at the normal session rate.
  • If you’re more than 20 minutes late, the session may be cancelled, and you will be charged for the full session at the normal session rate.

Payment Expiry and Extensions

  • All payments must be made in full prior to any sessions being undertaken.
  • There will be a 12-week initial commitment, after which time it will be on a month-by-month basis, payment must be received in advance on the agreed date. 
  • In the event that the client doesn’t use the services, the client will still be responsible to make payment for the full initial term as agreed above. The client agrees to make all payments by the due date.
  • All standing order Personal Training sessions must be used within the month to which they relate. Any such sessions not used within that month will be lost without any refund and may not be carried over into the following months. This is to ensure I deliver all of your required sessions to enable you to achieve your goals.
  • You may extend Personal Training packs for between one month and 12 full calendar months for the following reasons only:
    – Pregnancy
    – Serious illness
    – Serious injury
    – Redundancy
  • I may ask you to provide proof of pregnancy, serious illness, serious injury or redundancy.
  • Any other extensions are entirely at the trainer’s discretion.

Online Check-in’s

I will send you a weekly check in form either via my app or by email. You agree to fill in this check in form before 07:00 on the Sunday of the respective week unless previously agreed otherwise. This is to allow me time to review all clients check in’s,  form constructive feedback and make any amendments needed for the following week. If you are unable to complete your check in for any reason you must contact me as soon as possible so we can make other arrangements. If I do not receive your completed check in before the time stated, unfortunately I will not be able to complete your feedback for the respective week.

Informed Consent

You (client) wish to participate voluntarily in a progressive exercise program and / or fitness testing in an effort to assess and improve your physical well-being.

During your first session I will assess your health and current physical activity capabilities, this is a very simple process and uses questionnaires as well as physical measurements. Should I feel it appropriate however, you may be asked to consult with your GP to gain their clearance to start your program. This is a completely standard approach, and more often than not your GP will absolutely recommend exercise and lifestyle modification.

The initial screening, assessment and future guidance I provide will be geared toward your personal circumstances. It is important however that you are aware that there are always risks associated with any form of physical activity. Furthermore, you must inform me should you experience any unforeseen negative feelings such as undue fatigue, chest pain, or dizziness at any point. This is your responsibility.

You understand that these physical activities and/ or fitness tests are designed to gradually increase the workload on your circulatory systems as well as your musculoskeletal system in an effort to improve their function.

The reaction of the system(s) to such activities cannot be predicted with complete accuracy. The possibility of certain unusual changes during or following the exercise sessions does exist. These changes could include abnormalities in blood pressure or heart rate, ineffective heart function, fainting, muscle soreness, muscle strains, and possibly heart attack or cardiac arrest.

The benefits obtained from the exercise program may include a more efficient cardiovascular system, a decreased risk of heart disease and other chronic diseases, improved muscular and skeletal systems, and an increased quality of life.

You understand that it is necessary to report, promptly, any signs and/or symptoms indicating abnormalities or distress. You know that if there are any questions about the procedures or methods used during an exercise session or test, you should ask your trainer. If you have any doubts, concerns or questions you should ask for further explanation. You are also aware that you may decide to discontinue a session at any time should you be in any distress.

Under the data protection act, all the information that you provide, and which is collected from you, will remain secure and confidential, I will not be shared with any other individuals or parties unless requested the appropriate authorities for example the police.

I have read this form and voluntarily consent to participate in this exercise program and / or fitness test and understand that I am free to withdraw at any time.