Online Training

Online PT is a great option for many people, its a lot cheaper than face to face because you are not directly paying for someones time, its more flexible so you can fit your sessions around your lifestyle and you don’t have to get up at 5am for a session if you don’t want too. You can pick a coach from anywhere in the world, you aren’t limited to the trainers in your area, also you can access your training and nutrition plan when you are anywhere in the world, you can access your programme when and where suits you.

Saying that, online personal training isn’t for everyone which is why I need to be sure that we are a good fit to work together before we begin. As much as I will be at the end of the phone to motivate you and help you whenever you need me too, as you will not have a session at a set time and place with me you do have to motivate yourself to get up and workout and stick to your nutrition targets. You really have to want it, and understand that there will be plateaus and at times, things won’t go your way. 

I do require you to of had some experience in the gym / with exercises such as the squat and deadlift because it is so hard to safely coach you from behind a screen if your body has never moved in this way before. If you are a complete beginner and starting from scratch, then purely from a safety perspective, online personal training probably isn’t right for you, I would advise you have a few sessions with a personal trainer to learn the basics and then get back in touch so we can start achieving your goals.

What does online training include?

After a thorough consultation I will understand your diet and training history, personal circumstances and goals so I will be able to create a specific training programme and nutrition guidance for you, you will have access to my app where you can record your weight, measurements, progress photos and of course complete your workouts – with videos and descriptions if you need. 

Each week you will check in with me via the online check in process, this is where you can tell me about how your week has gone as well as letting me know of any concerns. I’ll then review your progress along with your weekly check in and reply via email or video message, whichever is appropriate. You will have unlimited access to me for support via my app.

Just like face to face personal training I work off a 3 month minimum commitment period, not only does this show me that you are willing to invest in your health and fitness but it means that I can create the best programme for you, knowing that we’ll be working together for at least 3 months which is usually the minimum amount of time to start seeing long lasting results. 


I charge £100 per month for online personal training. I want to make your goals as accessible as possible so I offer a pay monthly system rather than asking for 3 months payment up front, this way you can include it into your monthly budget and not have to worry about saving or finding a lump sum every few months.

Hanna Gibbins Personal Trainer Prices